Riding Arena Robots


Riding Arena Robots has developed the first electric powered, and autonomous rover

for levelling and maintenance of riding arenas, replacing man-controlled tractors and ATVs.

Prepare the riding arena during the night

It is a sustainable alternative to current solutions, and it can prepare the riding arena during the night without

supervision. We use tools from the market leader, modified to electric regulation, and modified to the highest safety standards.

See the robot in action in this video


It is easy to get started. Our team will help you by installing and programming the robot, based on your needs.

Ideally the robot will automatically work every night and do the job, without any action from your side.


See video


With the new X-Drive Robots rover, we aim at meeting a demand for sustainable, multipurpose machinery. Today, a tractor emits 2.6 kg of CO2/L diesel it consumes. To this number comes the emission of HC, CO, NOx, Particles, and SO2.


By using our solution, you do not any longer need to use a diesel consuming tractor or ATV inside their riding arena, thus avoiding all of the above-mentioned emissions, and the air quality for people and animals inside the arena will be improved.