Here you can find answers to the most common questions regarding the robot


The robot complies with all relevant regulations by EU.

Onboard are radars, safety-bumpers, and several emergency-stops. The robot is programmed to stop for obstructions in its path and, if possible, try to drive around.

What should I do in the arena before the robot is maintaining the surface?

Remove horse manure, take away all equipment that’s on the arena.

If you don´t, the robot will not treat the surface underneath and may only attempt to drive around the equipment.

Do I have to be there when the robot is working?

No, that is not necessary. The robot is designed to work without supervision, typically during the night, so the arena is ready when you show up in the morning. It is fully automated and will do what it is programmed to do.

Do I have to make special arrangements before I get a robot?

The robot needs a sheltered place to park and to charge (230V).

If this place is outside the arena (it often will be) you will need to automate the doors to the arena, for the robot to get automatically in and out.

RAR can assist you with making the proper modifications.

How do I use the robot?

Our team will help you by installing and programming the robot, based on your needs.

Ideally the robot will automatically work every night and do the job, without any action from your side.

We have developed an app which facilitates easy and logical reprogramming of common changes by non-experts, so changing the work pattern is made easy. Special wishes can be added on demand.

Can I use the robot on all riding-arenas?

We focus on indoor riding arenas to begin with. You can use the robot manually outdoors now, and soon will also be able to maintain outdoor riding arenas automatically.

There are no existing indoor arenas that are too big or small for the robot.

What is the financial advantage between what I do now, and with a robot?

If you, like most arena owners, maintain the arena at off-hours and spend an average of 30-60 minutes every night or morning fetching/returning your tractor, opening/closing doors and gates, and driving your tractor around the familiar trail, our robot will save you the time and hence money from day one.

Furthermore, you will wake up every morning to a perfectly maintained riding arena.

How and when can I get one?

Fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you. Let us have a talk about your needs, and then we may visit you and inspect the riding arena to plan the installation. If you decide to proceed with acquiring one of our robots, you will have a solution within app. 6 months from the day of signing a leasing-contract.

Do I have to maintain anything myself?

You will have to regularly clean the robot, and make sure that the teeth on the planning-tool is in order and working. If you sign up to our service package, that will be all you have to do.